21 Questions I Ask Myself


[Image description: A white tabletop with notebooks, pencils, a laptop and a leopard print pouch]

In no particular order…

  1. What would I be like as a parent?
  2. What if I never cut my hair freshman year of college?
  3. What is making me anxious right now?
  4. When will I stop playing myself and finally get this damn sleeve?
  5. How can I swap jobs with someone for six months? Or three months even? Can I become a brand influencer?
  6. When will I not actively think about college?
  7. What book should I read next?
  8. Do people ever think I’m right-handed?
  9. Are they thinking of me?
  10. What kind of boss am I?
  11. When will I look my age?
  12. What do I want to accomplish today?
  13. What is actually free in this life? Or at least in this damn city?
  14. Should I make a podcast? What would it be about, though?
  15. Should I write today? (Yes)
  16. Could I write everyday?
  17. Did anyone text back? Even if they did, would I answer?
  18. Should I go out later? (No lol.)
  19. What do I actually spend money on?
  20. When will my therapist text back?
  21. Should I wear that?

Image from createherstock.com. 

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