IMG_1544 copyAllison Alcéna is a writer, educator and lover of all things Black. Allison hails from Spring Valley, New York, and after attending East Ramapo Central School District, they graduated from Swarthmore College with a Bachelors of Arts in English Literature and Black Studies. As an undergraduate, Allison was an active campus leader and researched how children’s literature can be a catalyst for social change and how Black children are represented in works. During their time in college, Allison also wrote for the blog, Ghetto University, along with their sister, Lauren. Allison’s writing gives voice to the vulnerabilities Black women and girls are often encouraged to hide, touching on topics such as isolation, mental illness, and dreaming. Through their leadership, they strive to combine healing, personal wellness and action.

You can reach Allison at allisonalcena@gmail.com, on Instagram and on Twitter.