7DB91E9D-F0C5-4191-B143-4EEB109EDB4EWelcome to allisonalcena.com, the corner of the Internet where I, Allison Alcéna, share interviews, thoughts, stories, and more. I created this site so Black and brown twentysomethings feel less alone as they move away from home, discover themselves, and wonder if they should text their ex. The answer is always no, by the way.

I am first and foremost a writer and lover of all things Black. I have a Bachelors of Arts from Swarthmore College where I studied…writing (well, literature) and all things Black. By day, I work as a program manager, project coordinator type and by night, I work on my YouTube channel and imagine myself on a book tour in tortoiseshell cat eyeglasses and mockneck sweaters from Uniqlo. Give me ten years and I’ll be there. You can contact me at allison[at]allisonalcena.com or through that that little contact page up top.


[Image description: Allison is wearing a black turtleneck and glasses. They are smiling, holding their phone and sitting at a wooden table in front of an indoor brick wall.]